Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid During Toilet Installation!

Installing a toilet is an undertaking that requires skill, knowledge, and common sense. With the right tools and preparation, it’s possible to successfully install a new toilet in your home. However, there are still some mistakes you want to avoid when attempting this task. Here are the top 5 mistakes to avoid during toilet installation in Warrenton, VA:

1. Not double-checking measurements: Before beginning the installation process, it’s important to double-check all of your measurements twice so that everything fits correctly where it needs to go. This includes making sure that the back of the bowl isn’t too far away from the wall and checking if the closet flange is level before affixing it down. 

2. Not using plumbing tape: Plumbing tape is an essential part of toilet installation, as it helps to create a water-tight seal between the flange and the bowl/tank. Failing to use plumbing tape can lead to leaks, which will eventually cause damage to your flooring or walls. 

3. Not securing the wax ring: The wax ring should always be securely fitted onto the closet flange before setting down the toilet bowl, otherwise you risk having a leak in your bathroom when you flush. Make sure that you press down firmly and wiggle the bowl back and forth to ensure that it’s tightly sealed in place. 

4. Using too much caulk: While it’s important to make sure that everything is properly sealed, you should be careful not to use too much caulk when sealing the toilet bowl and tank. Too much caulk can make it difficult to move the bowl or tank in the future if necessary, so just use enough to create a secure seal. 

5. Not testing for leaks: Before you call your installation “complete”, make sure that you test all of your connections for leaks. Check for any water dripping from the bowl or tank, as well as any water pooling around the base of the toilet. If you are finding any leaks, you will need to adjust your connections and try again. You can also look for residential plumbing services near Warrenton, VA to help you with the installation. 

By following these tips and double-checking your measurements, you can ensure that your toilet installation in Warrenton, VA goes off without a hitch! If you’re still having difficulties or need more advice, contact a professional plumber for assistance.  

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